The Parish of Saints Peter and Paul the Apostles Holds a Celebration for the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

The Parish of Saints Peter and Paul the Apostles held a celebration leading up to the feast of Saints Peter and Paul. A 2-day celebration is held annually at the parish, where different activities take place.

This year, the celebration adapted the title ” But rejoice in so far as you share Christ’s suffering”, which started on June 28th. The first day started with a sermon delivered by Archbishop Bashar Warda. H.G. spoke about the internal conflicts inside the Church; highlighting that due to our weak human nature, some people will try to use the faith as a means to achieve their personal desires whether they are aware of it or not, which results in conflicts. The role of the clergy is not merely leaders or administrative figures, rather, clergymen are shepherds, and have a responsibility to protect the people. Moreover, the Archbishop talked about the difference between St. Peter and St. Paul and their understanding of each other’s differences throughout their journey. After the lecture, the charity bazaar was opened, followed by a Biblical Q&A. The day closed with entertaining activities and games.

The next day, June 29th, H.G. Archbishop Warda celebrated the Divine Liturgy along with Fr. Samir Slewa the parish priest, and Fr. San Kaka, the parish’s assistant priest on the Feast of the Two Apostles. The Mass was followed by various activities, winners rewards and a Marian Q&A.