رئاسة أسقفية إيبارشية أربيل الكلدانية

The Annunciation-Al-Bishara

School principal: Sr. Samar Kamel

  • Established in 2018/2019, Al-Bishara School is an elementary school that includes students aged of 6 to 14 from grade one until nine. The school has employed 25 faculty and staff. Al-Bishara school was established in response to the demands of the crisis of 2014, as hundreds of people were forced out of their homes and towns, left without access to essential needs, and especially education. Established by the Chaldean Archdiocese of Erbil, this school serves those unable to return to their hometowns. Al-Bishara school, meaning ‘the Annunciation’ was the annunciation to those students who suffered from this crisis. The school has 240 students of different religions, and nationalities such as Syrian students. Ultimately, the school seeks to build a community that respects coexistence in peace, solidarity, and tranquillity through the education students get.

Key Goals

  • Supports and educates through a humanitarian curriculum.
  • Prepare students to succeed in all subject areas, and for higher education
  • Hold educational conferences and trainings for the teachers and administrators to improve efficiency and quality.

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