رئاسة أسقفية إيبارشية أربيل الكلدانية

About Ankawa Humanitarian Committee

Executive Director: Dr. Devar Sher

  • Ankawa Humanitarian Committee’s mission and work began in 2014, when IDPs (internally displaced people) fled the Islamic State. At the time, the Archdiocese embraced more than 13,000 families, internally displaced from their homes. Throughout the years, the Archdiocese provided shelter, food, non-perishable items, medical supplies, education, and cash for these IDPs. In February 2020, Ankawa Humanitarian Committee was found with the purpose to serve the most vulnerable, and to continue the humanitarian work of the Archdiocese. AHC is a non-profit organization with a locally driven duty to build the fragile and traumatized IDP community to not just survive, but to thrive. Through action, attention, and investment in long-term solutions, AHC is working towards empowering women and children, focusing on IDPs and refugees, providing education, fighting economic poverty, promoting equality, progressing female empowerment, and creating social cohesion and coexistence. Through the values of humanity, service, and mercy, AHC’s vision is to build community and a future for young people, where all persons are treated equal and are given access to their unalienable rights. 

Key Goals

  • To build IDP and refugee communities for a successful future
  • To provide unalienable rights
  • To invest in building up and supporting young people 
  • Targeting to provide lateral solutions to systematic problems

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