رئاسة أسقفية إيبارشية أربيل الكلدانية


– Recitation of the Rosary, celebration of Vespers, celebration of Holy Mass daily in each parish.

– Training catecheses cover all age groups and are aimed at 1,400 students from primary school, middle school and high school. The direction of the Commission for catechesis is entrusted to Rev. Don Samir Saliwa in collaboration with a group of properly trained Sisters and catechists.

– Youth fraternities in the Archdiocese are under the direction of the Youth Pastoral Commission. The fraternities carry out both parish activities and the Commission’s program for the pastoral year. Among the most noteworthy activities is the Ankawa Youth Days Program.

– Pre-marriage preparation courses (duration: 12 hours); courses for parents in preparation for the baptism of their children (duration: 2 hours).

– Biblical Conferences of study and reflection held by the Archbishop at the Cathedral every Thursday during the time of Annunciation (Subra, the four previous weeks before Christmas according to the liturgical year of the Chaldean Church) and Lent (Saumma, the seven Sundays preceding Easter).

– Monthly meetings of the presbytery Council with the Archbishop.

– Continuing training courses and updating (twice a year) for deacons, subdeacons, and readers according to the tradition of the Chaldean Church.

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