رئاسة أسقفية إيبارشية أربيل الكلدانية

Om al-Maouna (Mother of Perpetual Help) school

School principal: Mr. Dldar Kaka

  • Similar to Al Bishara, Om al Maouna (Mother of Perpetual Help) is a high school established in the 2018-2019 in response to the crisis of 2014. Established to meet all the needs of internally displaced persons, and to support them, through education. Om al- Maouna High School includes classes 10th -12th. The number of students in each stage is about 28 to 30 students (male and female) aged between 15 and 17 years. The purpose of establishing the high school is to provide next stage of education for the students either graduating from Al Bishara and/or students who were high school students during the time of their displacement. Om al Maouna, like Al-Bishara, has a purpose to prepare and provide students with the opportunity to continue their education. Archbishop Bashar Warda established these schools for students coming from displaced families to have the opportunity to build their futures academically and professionally. Comprising of 18 teaching and administrative staff, the future of this school is bright due to the students, who are graduating with exceptional grades.  


Key Goals 

  • To develop teaching and train staff
  • To provide science laboratories along with other means and materials needed for students’ courses.
  • To develop education and extracurricular activities of the school

Student Testimonies

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