St. Thomas Theology Course for Oriental Studies is Launched

Under the initiative of the Chaldean Archdiocese of Erbil, a theology course under the title of “St. Thomas Course for Oriental Studies” was launched at the Catholic University in Erbil’s building, for all the lay faithful who seek to learn more about the faith. 

H.G. Archbishop Warda encouraged the laity, specifically young people, to learn more about the Chaldean Catholic Church’s liturgy, theology and traditions, as this course is specifically designed to have an oriental approach to theology.

Furthermore, the goal of the course is to introduce the spirituality of the Church of the East to the learners; including her history and tradition.

The curriculum includes: Mesopotamia Civilizations, Iraqi Individuals and Societies, History and Geography of the Bible and Oriental Theology, Contemporary Ethical Issues, Canon Law, Church Fathers, as well as other topics such as Oriental Art and Heritage.

St. Thomas Oriental Studies course consists of three years of study; each academic year starts in October and is concluded in June. At the end of the 3 years course, students will be granted a graduation certification for their completion of the course.