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About Catechism Programme

Director for Catechesis: Father Samir Slewa, Parish Priest at St Peter and Paul Chaldean Church (The Office for Catechism)

  • His Excellency Archbishop Bashar Warda established the Catechism Central Committeeto plan and organise pastoral activities; training young people to fulfil their call to share the Good Newswith the children and youth at all the catechism activities. The committee was established to unite the work of 11 catechism centres in all seven parishes in the governorate of Erbil. This was done to give the catechism centres and teachers access to sufficient resources and training opportunities, and to empower and encourage them in effective catechism formation. 

Key Goals:

  • The Catechism Central Committees core aim is to strengthen belief among our young people (aged between 5-18 years: approx.1500); to inspire them to live according to Our Lord Jesus Christ’s teachings.
  • Helping catechists to understand the true meaning and intention of this important ecclesial ministry.
  • To promote the internalisation of the distinctive traits of a catechist in pastoral action, as a witness, a teacher, and a companion
  • Guiding catechists to rediscover their own parish group as a place of personal formation, a place to mature progressively due to a personalization of catechist service experiences, a sign of ecclesial vocation for the catechist and most importantly an encounter with Jesus. 

Age Group

  • Elementary age 5-11 ( 800) 
  • Intermediate age 12-14  (300)
  • Secondary age 15-18 ( 350) 
  • In addition to 300 new communicants annually

Key projects in 2022 :

  • “Catechism and Education in a Positive Way”, is a 5-day Workshop, on 27-31 March 2022. 
  • A Spiritual & Educational Catechism summer camp, 11-30 July 2022, for 250 Catechism students aged 13-15
  • A Spiritual & Educational Catechism Summer Camp, 11-30 July 2022, for 300 students aged 16-18.
  • Identity and Spirituality of Catechist”, a 3-day Workshop, on 26-28 Oct 2022, for 70 catechists of the 10 catechism centres. 
  • Conference for Teachers and Committee of the catechism for the youth and their families, 19-21 November 2021

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