رئاسة أسقفية إيبارشية أربيل الكلدانية

Project Title: Equipment and Furniture for Nursing College at CUE – Phase One.

Description: The CUE will open a nursing college with a four-year degree, to provide the communities with ambitious, competent and well qualified nurses that will play a major role in advancing healthcare in the region. This is a significant market or healthcare gap in providing competent and critical thinking nurses, that have scientific and clinical skills to competently handle patients. Physicians want to fill this “patient care” gap in having nurses near or at their same level understanding as them in patient care. Post op patient care is critical; therefore, hospitals need professional nurses to do the management and care, and to let the physicians deal with other clinical work.

Category of Support: Education – Catholic University in Erbil; Hospital Healthcare

Benefactor: ACN Königstein Germany

Beneficiaries: 100 CUE students serving directly Nursing & facilitates Med Sciences students

Amount: US$ 98,000.00

Project Date: 25-Feb-22                                                                 Closing Date: September 2023

Project Title: Housing support for 14 students studying at CUE – academic year 2021/2022 (Pope Francis Scholarship Concept).

Description: The CUE is situated in Erbil the capital of Kurdistan. Ankawa consider a city district not a village. House rental in Ankawa is about twice the rental of housing in the Nineveh Plain. When students rent a house, they also have to pay for electricity. The feedback from the Nineveh Plain is that although students want to come to the CUE, they cannot afford the accommodation in Erbil. Accommodation has been a challenge as there is no Halls of Residence/Dorms. By supporting the student with accommodation costs would be extremely helpful to the CUE recruitment process and very supportive to the Christian families to say that the university could provide accommodation on top of the tuition fee to these poorer families in the Nineveh Plains.

Category of Support: Education – Catholic University in Erbil

Benefactor: ACN Königstein Germany

Beneficiaries: 14 students of CUE

Amount: US$ 17,500.00

Project Date: 25-May-22                                                                Closing Date: December 2022

Project Title: Youth evangelization and Formation Program, Ankawa Youth Meeting (AYM) – 2022

Description: AYM is the largest meeting for Christian youth in Iraq; started in 2013 by the Archdiocese of Erbil, the initiative has been met with wild success resulting in subsequent celebrations in 2018 and 2019 and resumed in 2022 following COVID-19 delays. Three days gatherings participated by young Christians from Baghdad, Alqosh, Basra, Duhok, Erbil, Kirkuk, Mosul, Sulaymaniyah marked with significant increase of attendance year after year, proven to be effective in strengthening their faith, formation, Christian leadership, self-value and confidence to become active members of the church and its evangelical mission.

Category of Support: Education – Catholic University in Erbil

Benefactor: ACN Königstein Germany

Beneficiaries: Over 1,650 young Christians from Erbil, Alqosh, Baghdad, Basra, Duhok, Erbil, Kirkuk, Mosul, Sulaymaniyah

Amount: US$ 120,000.00

Project Date: 1-3 September 2022                                                                  Closing Date: May 2023

Project Title: Providing university education through “Catholic University” in Ankawa.

Description: Providing scholarships to students in the first Catholic University in Iraq, that serves as the key structure to keep Christianity in Iraq; CUE plays a central role in educating Iraqi society about Christianity through events and seminars with the aim towards reconciliation, justice, peace and social cohesion; It not only gives hope to the young minorities to be able to compete for jobs through higher education, it also gives hope to their parents who would otherwise emigrate if their children could not get the chances CUE and the four Catholic schools under the archdiocese give to them; Th CUE is not only be about academia but is also about forming and solidifying lifelong relationships and bonds through the traditional values of a Catholic education; From a sense of community to obtaining life skills, CUE graduates will stand apart from other university graduates of the region, especially in critical thinking; The latter is in great need in a country that learns by rote in society constantly at war; The country needs lateral solutions to their systemic challenges, and this will come from critical thinking education.

Category of Support: Education – Catholic University in Erbil

Benefactor: Conferenza Episcopale Italiana

Beneficiaries: 50 students of CUE for four academic years from 1 Oct 2022

Amount: € 531,796.00

Project Date: July 2022                                                                  Closing Date: June 2023

Project Title:  Grant Allocation for 2022: Supporting Healthcare at Maryamana Hospital.

Description: The aim of the program is to support the poor who could not afford medical treatment/ medicines, through Maryamana Hospital, due to ISIS and the outcomes of that war in Iraq. It destroyed the livelihoods of the minorities (Christians/Yazidis and Shabak), a considerable number of the majority (Muslims), throwing the economy into a long-term recession. Since 2014 most villages have over 80 percent unemployment; people have to survive on charity or on government reduced payments both in salaries and pensions. Covid 19 further impacted, as in a rentier economy, most of the people are dependent on the government; salaries and pensions were cut even further.

Category of Support: Healthcare – Maryamana Hospital; supporting those who cannot afford healthcare, Chronic medicines

Benefactor: Embrace the Middle East

Beneficiaries: Patients who cannot afford healthcare and hospital treatments

Amount: GBP 31,000.00

Project Date:  18 August 2022                                                           Closing Date: 17 March 2023

Project Title: Aid for Science Laboratories at Mother pf Perpetual Help High School

Description: The equipment was placed in three laboratories in the school: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The installation was completed on 9 November 2022; This comprehensive procurement effort aimed to ensure that the science laboratories are fully equipped to fulfil their purpose of providing engaging and educational experiences for the students. The acquisition of various items includes scientific instruments, laboratory supplies, safety equipment and furnishings, and interactive teaching aids, has significantly enhanced the functionality and effectiveness of the science laboratories. With these new resources in place, the students now have access to tools that will facilitate their scientific exploration, experimentation, and learning, foster a passion for science, and enable them to acquire the practical skills and knowledge necessary for their scientific learning experience.

Category of Support: Education – Catholic School

Benefactor: ACN Königstein Germany

Beneficiaries: 108 students using the laboratories

Amount: US$ 45,000.00

Project Date: 07 September 2022                                                               Closing Date: 15 May 2023

Project Title: Catechesis formation program “Grow in Faith” – 2022.

Description: The Archdiocese established the Catechism Central Committee to plan and organize pastoral activities and to train young people to fulfil their call to share the Good News with the children and youth at all catechetical activities. The committee was established to unite the work of the 11 catechism centers in the seven parishes in the Erbil governorate. This was in order to give the catechism centers and teachers access to sufficient resources and training opportunities, plus to empower and encourage them in effective catechism formation. The Catechism activity’s core aim is to strengthen belief among young people (aged between 5-18 years); and to inspire them to live according to how Jesus Christ taught all men.

Category of Support: Pastoral Care – Catechism

Benefactor: ACN Königstein Germany

Beneficiaries: The Archdiocese of Erbil – 2000 youth and kids

Amount: US$ 60,000.00

Project Date: 14-Dec-21 for 2022 event                                            Closing Date: 

Project Title: Construction of Kindergarten building at the compound of Mar Qardagh School, Ankawa

Description: The kindergarten space is needed to accommodate more pupils (Primary and Secondary) and at the same time the kindergarten needs to be expanded to meet the increased demand for a Catholic preparatory school. The kindergarten will be adjacent to the present Mar Qardakh school within the overall compound and can accommodate up to 150 pupils (currently having 109 for schoolyear 2022/23 so it can meet an increased demand of 49 percent); There will be 6 classrooms to accommodate up to 25 pupils in each which is the maximum under the Ministry of Education rules; Pupils will learn skills they need for study, work, and relationships such as confidence, self-esteem, resilience, interaction, social skills, independence, curiosity and coping with challenging situations. There is a playground area alongside the school that can allow up to 50 pupils to play. There is a common area on the roof to socialize that can take up to 100 pupils.

Category of Support: Education – Catholic School

Benefactor: ACN Königstein Germany

Beneficiaries: 150 pupils at the start of 23/24 School year

Amount: US$ 304,000.00

Project Date: 15 Dec 2022                                                               Closing Date: 

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