رئاسة أسقفية إيبارشية أربيل الكلدانية

Project Title: Charitable contribution to support the purchase of medical equipment such as PPEs and diagnostic tools in response to covid 19 pandemic.

Description: The ongoing pandemic requires equipment and diagnostic tools in Maryamana Hospital such as PPEs, health care services for direct response on the first wave of the pandemic; Knights of Columbus released the fund to support the vulnerable people of Ankawa and surrounding villages.

Category of Support: Healthcare – Covid

Benefactor: Knights of Columbus Charities, Inc., New Haven, USA

Beneficiaries: 2,500 people in need in Ankawa and surrounding villages

Amount: US$ 100,000.00

Project Date: 02 April 2020                                                  Closing Date: December 2020


Project Title:  Request for assistance to cover the personnel costs of the Archdiocese of Erbil due to the Covid 19 emergency.

Description: Monthly salaries of Priests for November, December 2020 and January 2021; the Archdiocese churches were shut for a cumulative Sundays starting second quarter of 2020 losing weekly collections which impacted also donations of food packages from the priests to parishioners affected by the pandemic.

Category of Support: Covid – Church sustenance

Benefactor: Diozese Rottenburg-Stuttgart Germany

Beneficiaries: Eight (8) Parish priests of Chaldean Archdiocese of Erbil

Amount: € 20,000.00

Project Date:  06 July 2020                                                Closing Date: Oct 2021


Project Title: Strengthening the Ankawa Humanitarian Committee to respond.

Description: Fund to provide organizational capacity building to Ankawa Humanitarian Committee (AHC) as a legal NGO to represent the Archdiocese on its humanitarian work and outreach; to strengthen its capacities to implement USG and other international awards and respond to community needs; to help fulfill its mission in addressing the long-term humanitarian challenges of Iraq with accountability, compassion and long held Christian values and to build a community, where each citizen is able to participate fully in the life of their country Iraq.

Category of Support: Church Humanitarian Organization

Benefactor: USAid

Beneficiaries: Serving the community especially the Iraqi Christians and minorities

Amount: $ 2,500,000.00

Project Date: 11 August 2020                                                  Closing Date: 30 March 2022


Project Title: Emergency aid to cover running costs during COVID-19 pandemic for 6 months – August 2020 – January 2021.

Description: The contribution from ACN were distributed to the Priests allowing to stem, at least in part, the very serious economic crisis that has hit the Church most in difficulty during the height of pandemic.

Category of Support: Church sustenance

Benefactor: ACN Königstein Germany

Beneficiaries: 10 Chaldean Priests

Amount: $ 45,000.00

Project Date: 13-Aug-20                                                  Closing Date: 30-May-21


Project Title: COVID-19 emergency factory oxygen machine for Maryamana Catholic Hospital in Erbil.

Description: The community and IDPs of all faiths look to the Chaldean Archdiocese Maryamana Hospital to address the second wave of Covid; A ready and constant supply of oxygen is the most vital tool against the covid virus; Therefore, a huge and life-saving purchase of a factory producing oxygen machine gave immediate treatment for moderate and severe covid cases and gave advantage to supply the entire hospital for other sickness.

Category of Support: Healthcare – Maryamana Hospital, Covid

Benefactor: ACN Königstein Germany

Beneficiaries: The Ankawa community and surrounding district and IDPs

Amount: € 55,000.00

Project Date: 5-Nov-20                                                   Closing Date: 30-May-21


Project Title:  Short term grant allocation for Maryamana Hospital.

Description: The aim of the project is to support the poor who could not afford medical treatment/ medicines due to ISIS and the outcomes of that war in Iraq. It destroyed the livelihoods of the minorities (Christians/Yazidis and Shabak), a considerable number of the majority (Muslims), throwing the economy into a long-term recession. Since 2014 most villages have over 80 percent unemployment; people have to survive on charity or on government reduced payments both in salaries and pensions. Covid 19 further impacted, as in a rentier economy, most of the people are dependent on the government; salaries and pensions were cut even further.

Category of Support: Healthcare – Maryamana Hospital, Covid, supporting those who cannot afford healthcare, Chronic medicines

Benefactor: Embrace the Middle East UK

Beneficiaries: Funds went to 559 patients were treated with the largest numbers being for drugs, then lab investigations and then diagnostic imaging/ surgical operations

Amount: GBP 30,000.00

Project Date: 25 November 2020                                                  Closing Date: 30 Nov 2021


Project Title: Charitable contribution to provide financial support to 68 parishes spread across Iraq.

Description: The primary use of financial assistance is to help the parishes repair and rebuild damaged buildings and to provide food, medicine and educational assistance to their parishioners and to the local community.

Category of Support: Church building repair & maintenance; financial assistance to parishioners in need

Benefactor: Knights of Columbus Charities, Inc., New Haven, USA

Beneficiaries: 68 parishes in Iraq – Baghdad, Erbil, Sulaymaniah, Basra, Alqosh, Amadiya, Duhok, Zakho

Amount: US$ 340,000.00

Project Date: 01 Dec 2020                                                  Closing Date: Dec 2022


Project Title:  Charitable contribution to support the construction of three additional buildings at CUE.

Description: Fund was used to pay the costs associated with the construction of the three laboratory buildings that will connect the civil engineering departments labs, and the biochemistry labs for the college of science; the University helps the remaining members of the Christian community in Ankawa and surrounding villages through the provision of job opportunities out of the education and reaching out to the immigrants and encouraging them to either to return back to their homeland or else provide services and contribute to solving the problems facing the changing society amid present day globalization and information technology that have tremendously affected the Christian existence in the region.

Category of Support: Education – Catholic University in Erbil

Benefactor: Knights of Columbus Charities, Inc., New Haven, USA

Beneficiaries: 250 students for the academic year 2021 – 2022; 1,000 student population for the next five academic years

Amount: US$ 1,300,000.00

Project Date: 03 Dec 2020                                                  Closing Date: September 2021


Project Title: Aid to rent houses for Christian refugees’ families from Syria in the province of Erbil (01 – 06 / 2020).

Description: The Chaldean Archdiocese together with ACN project commission has mete aid to these families; The project supported thru the Austrian Bishops’ Conference, made possible by the Austrian Government, with a sum of money; The project has addressed 524 Syrian families by supporting a monetary support amount for their rent expenses on housing for at least five months of the year. The project activity expected to have left a major impact on the future of the Syrian families’ life in Iraq as they were supported, despite the desolation wrought by the unprecedented pandemic, the acceptance they felt being part of the community, having the dignity of what they can call home in Erbil, and the recognition given to them for their predicament which gave a minimum sense of security to their well-being.

Category of Support: Housing – Syrians, IDPs

Benefactor: ACN Königstein Germany

Beneficiaries: 524 Syrian internally displaced families

Amount: € 234,000.00

Project Date: 23-Dec-19 for 2020                                                  Closing Date: 25-Sept-20

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