رئاسة أسقفية إيبارشية أربيل الكلدانية

Project Title:  4-year scholarship program for students studying at Catholic University in Erbil (CUE), 2021-24.

Description: The purpose of the grant is to provide free education for 150 Christian high school graduates students from different parts of Iraq over the four-year period of their degree. Parents cannot afford their education as unemployment remains at 80 %. ACN and the CUE has given them hope for their future and the ability to obtain jobs. This encourages the whole family to stay and not to emigrate; 10 percent of the grant was mainly given to Yazidis who are destitute and a few Muslims.

Category of Support: Education – Catholic University in Erbil

Benefactor: ACN Königstein Germany

Beneficiaries: 150 students per Academic year of CUE from October 2021 until June 2025

Amount: $ 1,710,000.00

Project Date: 10-Mar-21                                                                 Closing Date: Jun-2025


Project Title: Reconditioning of structural works for Al Bishara School Erbil.

Description: To enhance better and conducive learning environment by provisions and of installations of false ceilings to the 18 classrooms; strengthening of walls for acoustic facilitation; implement electrical safety works throughout the building in compliance with Ministry of Education’s regulations on health and safety for schools.

Category of Support: Education – Catholic Schools (Al Bishara School)

Benefactor: German Consulate Federal Foreign Office Fund Erbil

Beneficiaries: 147 students as direct beneficiaries: Christian, Muslim and Sabaeans; and over 588 indirect beneficiaries

Amount: € 23,398.00

Project Date: 11-Jul-21                                                               Closing Date: 13-Sep-21


Project Title: Equipment for the Pathology, Pharmacy, and the Education Departments at Catholic University in Erbil (CUE).

Description: The students enjoy CUE as it is inclusive, has equality, empowers women (54% of the current students are female), is well organized, safe, has a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere, plus the attention they would not get elsewhere. It not only gives hope to the young Christians to be able to compete for jobs through higher education, but it also gives hope to their parents who would otherwise emigrate, if their children could not get the chances the CUE gives to them. The equipment gives CUE great additional platforms to attract more students to the university. Pathology and Pharmacy are top on the list for student applications as they offer excellent job opportunities.

Category of Support: Education – Catholic University in Erbil

Benefactor: ACN Königstein Germany

Beneficiaries: 50 – 60 medical science students of CUE for AY 2021-22

Amount: $ 240,000.00

Project Date: 6-Aug-21                                                                Closing Date: 15-Feb-22


Project Title: Equipment of new Library 2-storey building at CUE.

Description: For the academic year 2021/22 it’s expected to have 300 plus students. The CUE is ordering in two phases with a ratio of 1:3 (one chair for every three students enrolled). The CUE is ordering 60 PCs as most of the students will be from poor families especially the Yazidis who will number around 25-30: they and other poor students will either have no computer or an outdated one. KAS paid for 8 computers for their Yazidi scholarship students when we told them they had no computers: KAS then had to do a finance case for it, which took a while. The CUE wants to avoid that situation and hence the requested no of PCs. Most of the CUE students use the library as a quiet study space so we need to get comfortable chairs to allow for long periods of study. At the moment these are $2 cheaper than the student chairs used for the teaching rooms.

Category of Support: Education – Catholic University in Erbil

Benefactor: ACN Königstein Germany

Beneficiaries: 350 students for the academic year 2021/22

Amount: $ 70,000.00

Project Date: 7-Dec-21                                                                 Closing Date: December 2022


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